Eco Business Vol 1

EcoBusiness is a trilateral youth exchange that involves 24 youngsters from RomaniaHungary and Portugal that will take place in Iasi, Romania during 9 days - 06.12.2012 - 14.12.2012. The main purpose of this project is to increase the entrepreneurship abilities in the spirit of the "zero waste" philosophy among 24 young people.

During the youth exchange the 24 young participants will be involved in workshops that will stimulate their creativity in making objects from recycled materials that can be easily commercialized, at the same time introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship, by learning about business plan and feasibility study. The activity plan proposed will contribute to developing skills and abilities necessary to youngsters to better cope to the changing work market.

The frame of this activity is one of intercultural experience, by sharing experiences and ideas and understanding others point of view on the topic of business among the young and recycling in Europe, in order to create the leaders of a world where practices of sustainable development are respected and promoted.