Turkish dissemination

The youngsters from Turkey that participated in the youth exchange from Iasi, Romania in September 2013, published on their Facebook group their presence in the project and it’s results.

More than this the Turkish group leader, Erdem Güler, made a presentation in Antalya University, on the 8th of December 2013, with an audience of 80 students, 10 PHD students and some representatives of the University, on the topic of youth programs and initiatives.

The activity started by sharing the aims of youth in action projects where he also mentioned the participation in the EcoBusiness vol. 2 project and about the guide made, that stimulates entrepreneurship and creativity among youngsters, with the purpose of answering to the alarming situation of unemployment among this age group.

In the end of this seminar he answered the students' questions and showed the daily program of a youth project.