Nadia...very active and creative

When I returned from Romania, I had a lot to do . The experience helped me to focus more on the ' up - cycling and creative reuse. I hope as soon as possible to start a series of meetings, in collaboration with other organizations, to develop a culture of more eco-friendly.

I got in touch with a cultural association in my country and people, to whom I spoke of my creations made from recycled material. I told them of the exchange in Romania and the guide. I have had many requests , I'm still working on some things in view of Christmas  and soon I will start to take courses to teach others how many things you can create reusing paper and what not.

This is a painting with which I won a painting contest at the end of September. As you can see in addition to acrylics, I used mostly paper, using the same technique workshops in Iasi and made origami butterflies, which many will recognize.

So a big thank you!