Dissemination of the Bulgarian team

As we are part of Business Club Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Business Club SU)– legally registered student NGO, we decided to present the project EcoBusiness vol.2 and the guide at the team-building of our organization. 
It took place at our faculty of business administration and economics on the 30th of October 2013. The participants were most of the members of Business Club SU. 

They are students from first to last year of their studies and are characterized by proactive and enthusiastic behavior.

In our team-building we included one of the team cooperation games we did on the Ecobusiness vol.2 project.
All the participants really enjoyed the game. After the final we discussed the game and they saw the benefits of the team playing - At the beginning they didn't have any idea how to cope with the problem by using the given materials and after discussing and trying different things all the groups ended up with successful strategies.
We used the game as an introduction to our presentation of the EcoBusiness vol.2 project.
We told them about the project and shared the experience we got.

On our previous meetings we had discussed the international projects and how Business Club SU should participate in them. So talking about the EcoBusiness vol.2 project was also like a promotion of Youth exchange projects (and the other projects financed by the European Commission program - Youth in Action) so that our members will be motivated to organize or participate in such kind of initiatives.

Dissemination of the guide:
Unfortunately we didn't  have projector to present the guide on a larger screen, that’s why we  had to present it on the laptop screen. We told them what is the purpose of this guide and we also provide them with the .pdf version of the guide so that every member of our organization can read it and show it to his/her friends and colleagues.
We strongly believe that the awareness we raised among the members of Business Club SU have the potential to increase. Many of them have the intention to start their own business and the guide will give them additional motivation and ideas.

Mehribad Mollova
Monika Nedkova
Marin Antonov
Stanislava Simeonova
Magdalena Kostadinova